Electric diaphragm pump vs Electric plunger pump

  • Monday, 25 June 2018

High-pressure airless spray coating has high efficiency, smooth surface, strong adhesion, and low paint loss, so it is widely used in construction, machinery, ships, furniture and other industries.
High-pressure airless sprayers are divided into pneumatic airless sprayers, electric airless sprayers (plunger pumps) and electric airless sprayers (diaphragm pumps), which are limited by the need for pneumatic airless sprayers with compressed air sources. The use of a pneumatic sprayer.

Now, only the electric plunger airless sprayer is compared with the electric diaphragmless airless sprayer. The plunger pump draws the paint into the piston by driving the DC motor to move the paint. After the pressurization, it is discharged because the plunger is exposed and the plunger is exposed. Working in paint, the wear of the plunger under the effect of paint grinding is very fast. Once the nozzle with the larger diameter is used, the plunger reciprocation frequency is increased, the wear of the plunger is increased, and the machine life is short. The replacement of the plunger is very expensive. If the voltage is abnormal, it will directly lead to abnormal operation of the DC. In addition, due to the large back and forth reciprocating motion, the working pulsation of the plunger pump is very large, so that the spraying is unstable, and the smoothness of the wall surface on which the paint is sprayed is not good enough. However, it is the strength of the piston pump to pick up faster.

Diaphragm type airless sprayer (diaphragm pump), its design is based on the plunger pump has been greatly improved, the principle is to use the motor to drive the piston back and forth (note that the piston does not directly contact the paint), and then promote the diaphragm movement After the paint is absorbed and pressurized, it is ejected through the nozzle and sprayed onto the coated object. Because the piston works in the oil that prevents wear, the working environment is greatly optimized and the service life is greatly improved. The piston that is hardened by penetration hardening is more difficult to damage. The high anti-stretching diaphragm made of polymer materials will further increase the life of the diaphragm pump. Reliable operation is another advantage of the diaphragm pump. The failure rate is extremely low, the voltage requirement is at the bottom, the environmental requirements are at the bottom, maintenance is easy, and the maintenance cost is only about one-fifth of the plunger pump.

Diaphragm pump cost-effective, its excellent performance-cost ratio will promote the promotion of the diaphragm pump.